Training Temperature Compensation

Temperature compensation can help to keep you close to focus as the ambient temperature drops.  Checking this option in the control panel will allow the focuser to automatically move by an amount relative to the temperature change between successive frames.  In order to to this though, you will need to determine your gear's temperature compensation ratio (steps / degree change).

Follow the steps outlined below to find your temperature compensation ratio:

Access the Temperature Compensation Trainer through the "Tools" menu.  Ensure that both a camera and focuser are connected.

1.) Using the camera, enter the frame and focus routine and come to focus (using a bahtinov mask is helpful here).

2.) Click "Start" and let the trainer run until you have around a 5 degree drop in temperature.

3.) Again, use the camera's frame and focus routine to regain focus.

4.) Click the "Stop" button.

5.) Click OK to save your temperature compensation coefficient to the sequence.

Note: A negative coefficient (steps / degree) indicates that your focuser will move IN as temperature drops.