For whatever reason, it may be handy to have direct access to your Equipment and User Profiles.  They are just files like a sequence file except profiles have the extension ".sgp".  Sometimes Main Sequence Software may request that you share profiles in the context of a support request.

Step by Step

If you are navigating to the "AppData" folder, note that, by default, Windows marks this as a hidden folder and you'll need to un-hide it first.

  • Using the Windows File Explorer, navigate to C:\Users\[your user name]\
  • Click the "View" tab 
  • Check the "Hidden Items" check box

  • Double click the "AppData" folder
  • Double click the "Local" folder
  • Double click the "SequenceGenerator" folder

  • Once you see the "Sequence Generator Pro" double click it to view its contents.
  • Profile files end with extension "sgp" and the file name will be very similar to the name you gave the profile when you created it.
  • In this folder you can "copy" them and then move them to another location or share them in the forum or over email.

Note: You can ignore files that end with extension "bak"