PlateSolve2 Setup is fairly straightforward, to use PlateSolve2 as your plate solver you will need one (or both) of the following catalogs:

    • APM
    • UCAC3

You can download both of them from the PlaneWave website here.

Once you have your catalog(s) installed, you will need to tell SGPro where they are.  

Note:  You should not install the actual PlateSolve2 software.  SGPro distributes its own version... downloading your own copy for use outside of SGPro is possible, but keep in mind it will have a separate configuration than the one SGPro uses.

Select "PlateSolve2" as the Plate Solving Interface on the Control Panel

Click "Settings".  You will be presented with the PlateSolve2 application:

Click "File"->"Configure Catalog Directories":

At least one catalog must be set in order to PlateSolve2 to function.  That's all.  Once configured, you should not need to do this again.