Most commonly this issue will manifest in a way that leads to the (logical) conclusion that the module button or menu item is broken and does nothing.  If you are experiencing this issue, it is caused, almost certainly, by one of 2 issues:

  • The UI layout save file has somehow saved the location of these modules "off screen".  If you are in a situation where, at one place, you use a laptop with multiple monitors and then at the observatory use only the laptop screen, this is more likely to happen (but still a rare occurrence).
  • The UI layout file is partially corrupted

The solution for these issues, are very similar but vary slightly in order to minimize the amount of things SGPro will reset. These types of corruptions should be extremely rare.  Obviously controlling file corruption is beyond the control of SGPro, but if this happens to you more than once, then there is likely some thing we can change to help prevent it.

Step by Step

For Both Issues above:

  • Open SGPro and navigate to the Options Dialog (Menu: Tools, Options)
  • At the bottom of the Options Dialog, you will see a button labeled "Reset"

  • Then, in the Reset Options Dialog, use the option that resets as little as possible first
  • Check the box as follows:

  • If they haven't we'll need to try the more invasive layout reset option.
  • Open options again, then open the reset options as described above.
  • Check the box as follows:

  • Click OK and then OK again.  In many cases, the missing floating modules will have already re-appeared in a staggered floating layout.  If they haven't, go ahead and restart SGPro to see if that causes them to appear.

Still no luck?  You're in uncharted territory and we'll need to get additional information.  Please make a forum post here and we'll provide further guidance.