At the download page for SGPro, you have a choice to download either the 32-bit or 64-bit version of SGPro.  Which one is right for you?  First off, it's worth noting that your Windows Operating System also has a "bit-ness" and most people run the Windows 10 64-bit version.  To find which version of Windows that you have, right click the windows start button in the lower left corner and click on the "System" menu item.  In the System dialog that is shown, you can find the "bit-ness" of Windows listed under the "Device Specifications" header.  This is an example of a 64-bit Windows install:

If you have a 32-bit Version of Windows:

  • Download and use 32-bit versions for all of your required device drivers
  • Use the 32-bit version of SGPro

If you have a 64-bit Version of Windows:

Important: For each device driver (including PinPoint if you use it), check to see that the device manufacturer provides a 64-bit compatible driver or application (camera, focus controller, telescope, plate solver, etc)

If ALL of your drivers support 64-bit, remove ALL of your old 32-bit drivers (if you have them) and install a complete set of 64-bit drivers and applications.

    • Use the 64-bit version of SGPro

If some of your drivers only support 32-bit

    • Download and use 32-bit versions for all of your required device drivers
    • Use the 32-bit version of SGPro



  • Confused or still not 100% sure? No problem... just use 32-bit SGPro and 32-bit drivers and you will almost certainly be good to go.  Prior to SGPro version 4, all versions of SGPro have been 32-bit compatible (even though we never printed it anywhere).
  • I have been using SGPro 3 just fine, but my machine supports use of 64-bit SGPro; must I go through the upgrade process?  No!  In almost all cases, you will be just fine continuing to use 32-bit drivers alongside the 32-bit version of SGPro.  A couple considerations:
    • If you have a pretty large format camera (think larger than the KAF-8300... like several modern DSLR and CMOS cameras), the 64-bit version of SGPro (along with a 64-bit camera driver) may help with issues where SGPro may sometimes fail to download and display image data from the camera.
    • 32-bit software is getting old and 64-bit is standard these day and, at some point, you will no longer have an option to use 32-bit versions of your drivers (because manufacturers will stop making them).  Moving to a 64-bit install of SGPro and its required device drivers will go a long way in future proofing your (software) setup.