The zooming tool group is the second group from the left:

  • Images can be zoomed in and out by using the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons on the Image display (magnifying glasses with + and - symbols), you may also zoom in and out by using the Up and Down directional arrows on the keyboard.
  • You can quickly zoom the image so it matches the size of the display window by clicking the "Fit To Screen" Button (Magnifying glass with dashed square).
  • You can also select an area in which to zoom.  In order to do this, click the "dashed rectangle" button and then select a rectangle around the area you want to zoom (Note: when the "zoom on selection" button is clicked, the mouse no longer pans the image when dragging (see below).  Simply click this button again to return to "panning mode".


To pan, click and hold on an image and then drag the image to where you would like to view.  Note that this feature is not functional when the "zoom on selection" mode is active (see above).

For more information on zooming and panning see the Pan and Zoom Module.