While mostly just user preference, themes can also assist with light discipline expected of astronomers in public places.  That said, please note that SGPro themes are not guaranteed to prevent bright white light from appearing on the screen.  While it's fairly unlikely to happen, it should be noted that there are elements external to SGPro that are either beyond its control or need to be set in a different place.  For instance, if you are not using the Windows Dark theme then all of your open and save file dialogs will not be dark (even if SGPro is set to use a dark theme).  SGPro is also not able to control the colors in external software like ASCOM driver settings windows.

Theme Options

The Themes tab contains five different options to choose from:

  • Light Theme
  • Dark Theme
  • Black Theme
  • System Colors: This is closest to the traditional Windows colors and looks similar to how SGPro 3 is colored currently. If you want to use custom color themes (Windows .theme files), this is the option to choose.
  • Follow Windows: Windows 10 and 11 can choose a light or dark theme that affects different aspects of the operating system. Choosing this option will detect which theme is selected and choose the closest theme match from available SGPro themes.

Using Gradients

Toggling this setting on will gradient for different backgrounds and control elements. Most machines should be just fine, but if you find that the machine seems to be sluggish (after a sequence has fully loaded), you may find that turning gradients off will result in smoother performance.