These settings correspond to the settings found in the AutoFlats tool, Step 3 (see above). Note that this section contains two tabs where the first belongs to all AutoFlats runs scheduled to run before a sequence and the second belongs to all AutoFlats runs scheduled to run after a sequence.

  • Define the Telescope’s position: If desired, you can direct AutoFlats to automatically point the telescope at your light source. Telescope positions have identical types of options for both “before” and “after” run types, but, when organized in this manner, it allows you to define different telescope positions for each type of run. This allows for your own custom “before” or “after” sequence positions based on positioning of the sun with respect to custom obstacles. In most cases, of you don’t have custom requirements, it is desirable to use the “Automatic (for SkyFlats)” for both “before” and “after” run types.
  • All other properties: For all options in this section, a corresponding option will exist in the AutoFlats tool and more detail can be obtained in the documentation covering how to run the AutoFlats tool manually (here).