In the bottom right hand corner of Sequence Generator Pro there is a status area that indicates what options are in use for a given sequence.  When these are grayed out the options are inactive.  For he most part, when you left click one of these icons it will enable or disable that feature.  If you right click on it, it will open up settings for that particular feature.




  • Telescope - Park when sequence is complete
  • Globe - Automatic Meridian flip
  • Time - this field will depend if "Automatic Merdian Flip" has been selected
    • If "Automatic Meridian Flip" is on then this will display the estimated time until the meridian flip.  Or if it has already passed will display NA.
    • if "Automatic Meridian Flip" is off then this will display the time until the meridian is reached or the time past the meridian.


  • Arrows - Indicates Dither is active
  • Loop Arrow - Restart current frame if auto guiding goes out of range.
  • Stop Sign - Stop auto guider on sequence end.


  • When the recovery light is green it is in the "on" position.  It is gray when it is off.  Please see the automatic sequence recovery section for more details.


  • When active, the sequence will abort when it receives an UNSAFE signal from the safety monitor.