Pinpoint Setup is fairly straightforward, to use Pinpoint as your plate solver you will need:

  • A fully licensed version of Pinpoint (not the LE version) 
  • One of the following recommended catalogs:
    • ATLAS
    • GSC v1.1 (corrected)
    • USNO A2.0
    • USNO B1.0
    • UCAC4
    • ESA Tycho-2

SGPro also supports Pinpoint's older, obsolete catalogs if you have a good reason to use one.

The Pinpoint solver, by DC3 Dreams can be purchased and downloaded here:  

PinPoint Astrometric Engine (

Using Pinpoint

Using Pinpoint is simple. Just make sure that at least one instance of the Pinpoint solver is included (checked) in the Chain Solver settings.


In the Chain Solver settings list, click the gear icon next to the Pinpoint solver: