ASTAP is a free Plate Solver by Han Kleijn.  More information can be found at

If you'd like to use this solver during an SGPro sequence, you'll need to download it and set it up.  

  • Download ASTAP (64-bit):
  • Download ASTAP (32-bit):
  • Download the ASTAP star catalog:

Now, you just need to tell SGPro where you installed ASTAP.  Click the "Tools" menu item, the "Options".  Then, at the top of this dialog, click the "External Apps" tab.  Find where you installed ASTAP:

That's it!  You're ready to go, just select it in a sequence (in the Control Panel) or in an equipment profile (in the Profile Manager).

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Important Note: SGPro 4.4 does not remove the old ASTAP integration (yet). Use of these settings requires use of a solver named ASTAP (Native) and not ASTAP. Once the new integration gets some miles on it, we’ll properly terminate the old and auto-migrate you to the new. For now, if you do nothing, you will continue to use the OLD ASTAP integration. In order to use the new integration, you’ll need to activate and configure the solver named “ASTAP (Native)”.

Configuring ASTAP

The ASTAP solver is highly configurable, but, in most cases, you'll be fine with the default settings. Explaining the details of every setting here is beyond the scope of the help docs (and likely our ability). That said, these settings have been extracted directly from the ASTAP documentation and you can learn more about them here.

ASTAP settings are divided into three different tabs displayed across the top of the settings dialog.

Solve Options

Catalog Options

Other Options