You can find ANSVR here:

ansvr - Local Plate solver for Windows (

The ANSVR solver has a couple configurable options (unlike Astrometry.NET), but, more importantly, this dialog provides very handy options that can help you understand the current state of your ANSVR setup and provide controls for starting, stopping and "watching" solves happen in real time (for troubleshooting).. 

Here you’ll be able to provide a custom endpoint that reflects where your ANSVR server is running. In addition, you’ll need to tell SGPro where you have installed ANSVR. ANSVR will work fine if you opt to not provide this information, but you won't be able to use the control options / buttons.

Control and Troubleshooting

When you open the ANSVR settings dialog, you’ll notice in rather large text a health indicator for the endpoint you’ve provided. 

When it’s healthy, it will look like this:

and when it’s not:

In addition to this, even without opening the settings dialog, you can have a visual status of ANSVR directly from the Control Panel:

Note: SGPro will also tell you about any broken solvers when you start a sequence.

Finally, you’ll notice direct access to several handy ANSVR utilities like starting, stopping and restarting the server. We’ve also added some easy-to-use functionality to “watch” the ANSVR log, check for ANSVR updates and manage your local ANSVR indices (catalogs).