Sequence Recovery Mode

Sometimes things go wrong...

In these cases, SGPro will attempt to be a bit more resilient, and, instead of simply aborting the sequence, it will try to recover itself.  The failure might be due to loss of a guide star in PHD2 or passing clouds.  This does not mean SGPro can magically repair catastrophic events like auto guider lockup or cable failure, but for situations where brute force repetition would work to manually repair a sequence's progress, the new recovery feature will also likely be helpful.  Primarily, this recovery works well for things like passing clouds or loss of guide stars for any reason (like auto focus with an OAG).  Here is a current set of events SGPro will now automatically attempt to recover from:

  • Failure to settle the auto guider (PHD2) over a 5 minute period
  • Failure in the centering routine on any step
  • Failure on automatic meridian flip during solve and sync, auto center or resume guiding

If you have automatic sequence recovery enabled, you can ask SGPro to help you try and recover.  This feature can be toggled on or off by going into the options dialog -> Sequence Options and then checking or un-checking the "Attempt to automatically recover the sequence" option.  Alternatively, there is a "LED" light in the bottom right hand of the main SGPro window.  If it is green, it indicates recovery is active.  If it is gray, then recovery is not active.  The options dialog will also allow you to set the frequency and duration of recovery attempts

The recovery mechanism will try to repair the sequence for 90 minutes with attempts at 10 minute intervals (by default... this can be altered in the options dialog)..  If the sequence is not recovered after this time expires, it will abort.  With this feature in place it will be important to have tracking limits for your mount set that are external to SGPro (like in your ASCOM driver).  Auto recovery means that your end of sequence options like "park" may be delayed by up to 90 minutes.  Alternatively, the recovery feature will honor your target end times and sequence end time so you can use those to protect your mount as well.  As a final note, it is important to know that sequence recovery will also abort when the mount crosses the meridian (SGPro will do this for safety).

If you see this screen, recovery mode is active:

As mentioned above, SGPro will attempt to recover (by default) every 10 minutes for 90 minutes.  If you want to bypass the 10 minute interval between attempts, simply click "Try Now".  If you want to exit from the recovery process and abort the sequence, click "Abort".  You can set custom recovery parameters in the "Sequence Options" dialog.

Note:  The attempt to recover your sequence will end:

  • After 90 minutes have elapsed...
  • OR when the scope passes the meridian...
  • OR when the "end time" for this target is reached