SGPro offers some sequence that are unique to the entire sequence (meaning they do not apply to a single target, event or frame).  The options can usually be found in the options dialog, but for convenience, some can be found here:

  • Run non-light subs even if sequence fails:  This will capture flat, dark and bias frames even if the sequence fails to complete.  More detail about this option can be found here.
  • Global end sequence time:  If this option is checked it will force the sequence to end at that time.  This end time takes precedence over any start or end times set at the target level.  No date is required for the end time.  This means that you are not required to update the date when using the sequence over multiple nights.  This also means that SGPro must infer a date based on the time you entered.  The inference system is fairly simply... sequences run in what is referred to as a "sequence day"... a period of 24 hours that spans from 0900 to 0900.  The dates attached to those time will either be yesterday and today or today and tomorrow.  This decision is made based on when you click the "Run Sequence" button.  The end time also has a helpful indicator after that time that will read either "yesterday, today or tomorrow".  This is to be interpreted as:  The sequence end time will be at 06:01 tomorrow if you click the "Run Sequence" button right now.  Examples:
    • For a target that ends at 22:00, starting the sequence at 22:15 will skip this target, the sequence day will be 0900 today through 0900 tomorrow and the end time at 22:00 will be in the past.  Conversely, starting at 21:45 would place the 22:00 end time in the future. Starting the sequence at this time will produce the same "sequence day".
    • For a target with an end time at 05:00, starting the sequence at 16:45 (more than 12 hours before the intended end time), the sequence day will be 0900 today to 0900 tomorrow and the end time of 05:00 will be in the future (this is the same example as above really... just illustrating that it still works when you are more than 12 hours away from the intended end time.
    • For a target with an and time at 22:00, starting the sequence at 01:00 will create a "sequence day" from 0900 yesterday to 0900 today.  The end time of 22:00 will be assigned to the only 22:00 that occurs in this sequence day (yesterday), and will be skipped.
  • Disconnect all equipment at sequence end: Fairly self-explanatory:  When the sequence ends, SGPro will disconnect all your equipment.  If you use camera warmup, disconnecting the camera will be delayed until it is complete.
  • Run script at sequence end: Run a custom vbs, cmd, bat or exe script BEFORE gear is disconnected.
    • Run before restart on SAFE: When a sequence is paused due to an UNSAFE event, the script above will NOT run unless this option is checked.