If you find yourself in a situation where SGPro will typically prompt you to clarify a choice or ask permission, but it no longer asks, it is most likely from accidental usage of the "Don't ask again" feature.  Many, many decision points in SGPro contain this feature and if you've accidentally used it for a particular question and now want to reset, it's very easy to do.  It is not currently possible to just remove single entries from the "Don't ask again" database, but this will guide you through the reset process.

Step by Step

For Both Issues above:

  • Open SGPro and navigate to the Options Dialog (Menu: Tools, Options)
  • At the bottom of the Options Dialog, you will see a button labeled "Reset"

  • Then, in the Reset Options Dialog, use the option that resets as little as possible first
  • Check the box as follows:

  • Click OK and then OK again. 
  • You're done! You will now be prompted or questioned for all messages.