Connecting and Setting Options:

Rotators are selected and connected on the Sequence Window in the equipment group box.

Rotators are in the "Extended" equipment list and as such you will need to click the down arrow below the telescope to access the connection settings.

Options can be set when the rotator is in a disconnected state by clicking the  icon.  These options will vary by manufacturer.  This properties dialog is generally where the COM port is specified as well as other device dependent information.

To connect the rotator click on the connection icon .  Once connected the icon will change , click this icon to disconnect.

A camera rotator can be especially handy when using the Framing & Mosaic Wizard.  This add on can require your camera to be at almost any angle to get your image framed properly.  In additional to actual mechanical camera rotators, you can use a Manual Camera Rotator which takes advantage of plate solvers and give you iterative adjustment instructions until your camera is properly positioned.

Rotator Control Panel:

  • Position:  The angle (positional angle) of the rotator  (Note that image angle in SGPro are standardized on east of north / counter-clockwise of north.  Because angle can be given from any relative orientation in other apps, we recommend that you use angles only from plate solves conducted in SGPro).
  • Set Position:  Sets the position of the rotator (between 0 and 360)
  • Zero:  Returns the rotator to the "Zero" or "Home" position.
  • Manual Sync:  Override the reported position with an actual position:


  • Stop:  Will stop any current rotator movement.
  • Reverse corrections for Manual Rotator: Checking this will reverse the direction the Manual Rotator asks to move your camera.  This is required is your gear combination creates a "flipped" image.