Restart Sequence on SAFE

SGPro is pretty good these days at providing you the ability to shut down the sequence and protect your gear when it detects an unsafe condition (assuming you have a safety monitor). This feature will allow for SGPro to automatically restart after an early termination.

This feature should only be used if you have SGPro and PHD2 setup such that you can load a sequence, connect all gear, do NOTHING ELSE, click "Run Sequence" and have success. If you require other manual operations to start your sequence, they will not happen during restart.

To enable Restart on Safe you will need to select the option in the Tools>>Options>>Sequence Options>>Restart Sequence when conditions are safe. You will also need a safety device connected.

When conditions are unsafe SGPro will run the “End of Sequence” options and then immediately restart the sequence and pause. This will almost certainly end up in a paused state where SGPro is waiting on the conditions to become safe. SGPro will wait indefinitely in this state and will require 5 continuous minutes (currently not editable) of safe conditions before it will restart (unpause) imaging. Because of this your “End of Sequence” options should be such that your equipment is in a safe position (mount parked, observatory closed, etc). If you fail to park or home your gear, it will continue to track while waiting for safe conditions.

When conditions become safe SGPro will perform a “Reset Sequence (Preserve Progress)”, select the target with appropriate start/end times and then run all of the normal “Run Sequence” events (cooling your camera, auto center, auto focus, starting guiding, etc).