SGPro will let you reset the progress and state of a sequence at almost any level.  You can reset the entire sequence, reset a single target or reset only a single event in a target.

At the sequence level, you have two different options:

The first option will reset the sequence state and all of its progress.  This is known as a full reset.  Usinf this option clears any state the sequence was in:

  • The sequence, when started will no longer be considered as "resuming", but rather starting.  This can affect things like centering on the current target and auto focus.
  • Elapsed sequence time
  • The auto focus frame count (if using this as a trigger)
  • The last focus temperature
  • The last focus time
  • Average focus positions for filters in this sequence
  • If event pre / post event actions had been run, they will be cleared and marked as not run.
  • All sequence and event progress

This option will reset the sequence's state (see above), but will not alter progress.  

This will reset the state and progress of the selected target.