Profiles are one of the most important pieces of using Sequence Generator Pro.  The profile system allows you to characterize your entire imaging system and even allows you to setup different profiles for different sets of gear or different settings that are needed when a single piece is swapped out.  This can be a huge time saver and can prevent the introduction of errors if you have complex equipment interaction.

Sequence Generator Pro allows for the creation of two different types of profile, specifically Equipment Profiles and User Profiles.

Equipment Profiles:

These profiles are used to store settings for various permutations of gear.  For instance, it you have a 5-position filter wheel and 7-filters, you will likely have a narrowband profile and a broadband profile.  This makes creating new sequences a breeze (since you don't need to enter this information every time).  Equipment profiles can be created in multiple ways but the most straightforward is to use the Profile Manager.  You can also use a Sequence to Save the Sequence as a Profile

User Profiles:

These profiles allow you to enter personal and location based data.  When you select a user profile as part of a sequence, this data will be stored in the FITS headers of every image saved to disk.