Almost any image displayed in SGPro can be plate solved by right clicking it and selecting the "Plate Solve" option:

This will show you a small dialog box that prompts you for the hints required to solve.  If possible, SGPro will auto populate these boxes for you.  Also, if your blind solver is set up, you can skip all of the hints and click the "Blind Solve" button:

To solve with a "non-blind" solver you must enter some hints.  Both Pinpoint and Elbrus require RA, DEC and scale hints.  Only Elbrus requires an angle hint (assuming that you are not using the 2x2 at any angle search option).   The RA and DEC fields are "free text" and will accept quite a large variety of formats (e.g. "20h58m54s +43°51'46" or "20:58:54 -43:51:46" or even decimal forms like 20.92).  You can also paste text containing both RA and DEC into the RA field and it will properly populate both fields (most of the time).  If you do not want to supply RA and DEC location information, you can simply supply the object catalog name closest to the center of the image.  This will auto-populate the RA and DEC for you.

Long Running Plate Solves

Some plate solves, depending on a variety of parameters, can take a long time to solve.  Because they try many, many methodologies to solve the image, they can also take a long time to fail.  If after some period of time, you come to the realization that your solve will never succeed and want to terminate it early, you can do so from the image tool bar: