Plate Solve Hints

When a non-blind solver is invoked, it will require that you supply hints to it in order to solve. During a sequence these hints are provided automatically, but, for manual solves, you may be required to provide additional context (if the required data is not stored in image FITS headers):

The top area will provide a dynamic summary showing how the solve you are about to invoke will proceed. This will vary based on the configuration of your specific Chain Solver.

Location: You must provide either a specific RA / Dec location or the common name of a DSO. This hint is mandatory.

Scale: The scale of the current image in arcsec / px. This hint is mandatory.

The bottom area will show any relevant hints or warnings that can vary based on the configuration of your specific Chain Solver.

Plate Solve Results

After starting a solve, the solve results dialog will appear immediately and, while it won't show results immediately, it will show that it is working on a solve and, when finished will display results. The Plate Solve Dialog will appear immediately and show you, in real time, as it cycles through the chain (by changing images and status text). The orange bar at the bottom is a progress bar that will be active when a solve is active. When it’s done it will look like below (note: “done” does not mean success).

  • The left-hand side of the dialog shows the result of the solve, including actual RA and Dec plus the angle (shown as the equatorial angle) and the image scale in arcsec / px
  • The right-hand side allows you to transfer these results to somewhere meaningful within SGPro. It can:
    • Allowing you to optionally transfer location or image angle (or both) to any of your existing targets
    • Allowing you to rotate the just solved image in order to preview what a particular rotation would look like. Once you settle on your preferred orientation, SGPro will then transfer the modified angle to the target (instead of the solved angle).

Note: If you’d like, it’s possible to keep multiple solve dialogs open at the same time for comparison against one another.