Description: Displays information from the PHD2 log in order to visualize guiding accuracy.

Note: Logging must be ENABLED in PHD2 Guiding for the PHD2 Graph display to work.  If logging is not enabled a Red box will display over the graph.  To enable logging in PHD2 go to the "Tools" menu and verify that "Enable Logging" is checked.


  • RA/Dec: Changes the current display of the graph between RA/Dec and dX/dY. 
  • 100: Changes the number of sample points displayed on the graph.  Options are 50, 100, 250, 500.
  • Clear: Removes all the points from the current graph.  New sample points will be displayed starting on the left hand side as they arrive from PHD2.
  • Left Clicking the Graph: Changes the Y axis range.  The displayed above shows a range of -4 to 4 pixels.  The options are -4 to 4, -2 to 2 and -1 to 1.  

Graph color customization:  All of the graph colors can be changed by using the color change dialog seen here.  

  • To change the background color Right Click on the Graph
  • To change the RA/dX Color, left click on the Ra or dX label on the top left of the graph.
  • To change the Dec/dY Color, left click on the Dec or dY label on the top left of the graph.

Connecting / Disconnecting Guider Equipment

Clicking the "Connect" or "Disconnect" buttons will connect / disconnect PHD2 gear as defined by the sequence's chosen PHD2 profile.  For more details on how to set your sequence's PHD2 profile, go here.