Use the Control Panel to Manually Move to Before / After Positions

If desired, you can manually modify the position of the mount from within the SGPro Control Panel’s Telescope tab. Located in the upper right section, enter the required Alt / Az position for your light source. This can be a good way to zero in on any custom telescope positions that you’d like to use in the AutoFlats Scheduler. In general though, it is preferable to have AutoFlats complete telescope positioning automatically. 

  • If you want to reposition the telescope in terms of Right Ascension and Declination, ensure that the "Equatorial" bubble is ticked, enter the coordinates and click "Go". Right ascension is expected to be in hours.
  • If you want to reposition the telescope in terms of Altitude and Azimuth (and your mount supports it), ensure that the "Alt / Az" bubble is ticked, enter the coordinates and click "Go".

hint: clicking the double arrows to the left of the manual positioning area will copy the current coordinates into the manual positioning fields and allow you to make small adjustments to the current position more easily.

Manual Positioning

The purpose of this tab in the Control Panel is to allow you to control most aspects of your mount manually. As such, SGPro also offers two click options for moving to common locations outside of a sequence.

  • Ideal for Sky Flats: Usually, this will happen as part of an AutoFlats run, but, if you ever have reason to point the telescope toward the current ideal position for sky flats and do nothing else (testing, etc), this is a good option.
  • For Dusk / Dawn Flats: These positions corresponds to user defined positions for Dusk (before sequence) and Dawn (after sequence) flats. You can define those here in the AutoFlats Scheduler.
  • Home / Park: Nothing fancy. Literally position the mount in the park or home position.

Unsafe Status Support

Whether AutoFlats is run inside or outside of an SGPro sequence, it will honor the “safe / unsafe” status as indicated by your Safety Monitoring device and will perform identical shutdowns. 

Relationship with the Flats Calibration Wizard

AutoFlats is not a replacement tool for the Flats Calibration Wizard and the wizard’s functionality has not changed. To clarify:

  • The Flats Calibration Wizard is a tool that allows you to capture sequence parameters like exposure time, panel brightness, etc that are used later during the capture of flat data.
  • AutoFlats is the set of all features in SGPro dedicated to the capture of flat data for use in your image pre-processing workflow. During execution of a run, AutoFlats may source starting exposure time and panel brightness using values calculated from the Flats Calibration Wizard.