Opening Images

Images can be opened from the File Menu by selecting "Open Image":

Images can also be opened by clicking the drop down button on the Open button and selecting "Open Image"

You can also open images by dragging them into the Sequence Generator Pro window.


Like Modules, image windows can be manipulated and docked within the Sequence Generator Pro interface.  


       Above: an Opened image display window that is "floating"

There are 3 kinds of image displays:

  • Opened images:  These are images that you have manually opened in Sequence Generator Pro, these image displays will never be reused by any running sequence.
  • Sequence Images: These are images captured as part of a sequence (flats, darks, bias, etc), this image display will potentially be reused by new images of the same type depending on how you have your View Options setup.
  • Temporary Images: These are images captured as part of a process (plate solving, auto focus, frame and focus), this image display will always be reused for new temporary images. 

Any type of image display can interact with the other 2 types.  The only thing that makes the image displays unique is the type of frame they hold.  

Image displays can have 3 states:

  • Docked: The image display is docked to the top, bottom or center of the main Sequence Generator Pro window and will move with that window.
  • Floating:  The image display is not locked to the Sequence Generator Pro window and can move freely around the desktop.
  • Nested:  Windows can be nested within one another.  Simply drag a window over another open window and, using the nesting grid, select the desired position.

Image display windows can also be nested with one another (top, bottom, left, right, tabbed).  


       Above: a Frame and Focus image display nested (tabbed) with an Opened image display.