Sequence Generator Pro, when used with PHD2 or better can provide you the ability to perform an automated meridian flip.  This function can be run manually, by clicking a single button or you can let the sequence decide if it needs to run a flip based on settings you provide.

A Brief Summary of Automatic Meridian Flips

  1. Take an image, solve it and then sync the telescope
  2. Stop auto guiding: Simply sends a command to PHD2 requesting a stop.
  3. Flip the mount: Send a signal to the mount to flip sides.  This  is based on input that provides the number of degrees past or before (negative values) the meridian to invoke a meridian flip during a sequence.  Not all telescopes allow for setting of SideOfPier.  For these telescopes it is best to always use a positive value.  For details take a look at the telescope control panel page.
  4. Perform auto centering (optionally): Performs a precision centering to ensure that your target is still centered on the other side of the mount.
  5. Restart guiding: Send a command to PHD2 to automatically select a guide star and resume guiding.

The Meridian Flip Status Window