Description:  The manual rotator is used to ensure your camera is properly positioned before capturing data on a target.  In the target settings dialog you can specify that a target's camera angle should be verified prior to starting.  If this box is checked and you have selected the "Manual Rotator", you will receive a series of prompts that help you to properly position your camera.  It should be noted that you must have a plate solver set up and in use for the Manual Rotator to function properly.

For instance, if your current camera angle is 15 degrees and your target requires 30 degrees, you will be prompted with a dialog similar to:

Note: If the direction you are prompted to move is opposite the actual movement required, be sure to check the "Reverse corrections for Manual Rotator" on the Rotator Control Panel.

Note: For more information on how to use rotators with your sequence, see the Automatic Camera Rotation section.