Description: This module will record and show a history of HFR and Star count data for all camera images.  This will help you understand, at a glance, if recent images are likely bad (poor guiding, clouds, etc.).  Both the HFR and Star count series should be representative of fairly straight lines.  If you see a deviation in these lines where HFR increases and star value decreases, then you will want to inspect the image to verify if it is bad.  To inspect the image, simply hover the mouse over either of the bad points (on the graph) and click.  The image in question will open for inspection. If you want even more details, right click on a point (or click the down arrow on the title bar) and select "Show series details".  This will open a larger representation of the module that includes a text based table used to display HFR and star count for all images.  More information on the expanded version can be found here.

A more detailed description (including how data is grouped) of this data can be found by reviewing the documentation for the Image History Tool.


  • Enable image history:  Checking this will start the collection of data
  • Right click to:
    • Open an image for inspection
    • Clear all image history data
    • Clear just a single series 
    • Mark an image as bad
    • View details for a particular series
  • Click the HFR and STARS labels to change colors

Note: If using the Image History Degradation focus trigger, the focus baseline marker for an Event may appear on the graph. See here for more information.