There are a few ways to get help with SGPro. We'll go through them here so you can find the one that best suits your needs:

For Technical Problems or Questions

We don't support technical help via email. We are just too small of an operation to provide support in this way and we find that by using a public forum instead, that:

  • We actually create a real time, public knowledge base where folks can perform simple searches to find an answer to their problem (that many before have also encountered)
  • It results in a much faster resolution to your issue.  We are often fast to respond, but if we aren't for some reason, we have a very active and helpful community with lots of experience.

Using the Forum to get Help

Our community and support forum is located here:

You will find that it's very similar to other forums you have used in that you create new threads in particular categories and people respond to them.  Threads on forum are called "Topics".

Creating your Forum Account

First and foremost, it is important to understand that your SGPro account (the one you use at is not the same as your forum account.  Admittedly this is not ideal, but as of now, our website and forum are completely separate web applications designed to look similar.  That inconvenience aside, if you have a primary email address, it is best to use it when creating this account.  We will never spam it or sell it anywhere and it will never be displayed to the public.  Using it here will make it easier to "link" your accounts later, but if you want to use another, you'll just need to remember what it is.  In either case, you can sign up for a new forum account by navigating to the forum and clicking on the "Sign Up" button at the top:

Then, simply follow the instruction to create you new forum account manually or, if you are a gmail user, you can use the Google identity provider service by clicking the "with Google" button on the right.

Creating a New Help Topic Manually

Once you have your new account, go ahead and sign in.  At the top of the page, locate and click the "New Topic" button.

Using the editor at the bottom:

  • Pick a title that accurately describes your issue
  • Pick a category... don't worry about this too much (we generally see all messages anyhow)
  • In the body of the help request, adding specific information at the time of request can significantly reduce the time to resolution.
    • A concise description. By concise, we don't mean that you shouldn't provide details.  We absolutely want details... they are often extremely important. What we mean here is this: The very first part of you communication should explain the observed problem in one or two sentences.  That's it.  Then... in a new paragraph add all the details required to supplement the description.  Please don't bury the problem you are seeing in a 1,000 lines of detail.
    • Let us know if the issue has only happened one time or if this is something that happens more often
    • A general time frame for the issue.  Don't worry about being too specific here, but even narrowing the issues down to a 2 hour window is helpful.
    • Most importantly... the log file.  SGPro creates a log file that records almost everything it does.  It is imperative that we have this common language to communicate and use it to correlate actions.  Unfortunately, we've had to prevent attachment of log files to the forum because it turns out it is costly to use our forum as a storage server. For the manual forum help request, you'll need to use a free cloud solution like DropBox.  That said, we think this puts too much burden on the process of reporting issues and we have created a better solution for it (see Creating a New Help Topic with SGPro below).

Creating a New Help Topic with SGPro

To remove some of the burden described above, we have created a process by which you can create a new help request directly from SGPro and, even better, this process will help you find the right logs, compress them and store them on a Dropbox account.  


  • You must have an Internet connection available
  • Before you use this tool, you'll need to link your Sequence Generator Pro account with your Forum Account (see above).  This is a one time process and won't ever have to be repeated... even if you switch to a new computer.  This process is easy and depending on a few different things, it may already have been linked for you.

There are a couple ways you can check if you are already linked...

Using the Forum to Check 

In the forum, on your Avatar, linked accounts will have a gold star in the lower right corner like:

You may also, in your forum profile, notice the title:

Using the SGPro Website to Check

You can check using your SGPro account.  Sign in at

After you sign in, go hover the mouse over your name and then click the "Account Details" button.

Then, take a look at the text field located at the very bottom.  Does it have a name in it?  It probably means your accounts are linked.

If there is no Forum username here, go ahead and enter it and then click "Update Account".  That's it.  Now you can use the reporting tool in SGPro even if you switch to a new computer later.

Using the Report Issue Tool in SGPro

Navigate to the Help menu and select "Report a Problem":

The “Report a Problem” item will open up a new ticket for you, provide required information notated by the red boxes:

Please Note:

  • Please DON'T: Forget to check the box for the log file showing the problem, BUT...
  • Please DON'T: Check a whole bunch of log files to send us. It is easy to do, but please don't!  It makes it very hard to find the issue you are attempting to describe.
  • Please DO: Provide an approximate time of the issue.  Anything helps.  It's certainly possible that you don't know and that's fine also...
  • Please DO: Provide a fairly thorough description of the problem and, with as much detail as possible, what things were happening just before the problem was observed.  Let us know if the issue has only happened one time or if this is something that happens more often

When you're ready, just click the "Submit" button.

Note: If you have already started a help request manually, you don't need to create a new help request using this tools.  Instead, please use it to attach it to your initial post so that we can keep all the context you have created in a single place.  To do this, click the drop down button in the upper right and you will be presented with the titles of your most recent topic posts.  Go ahead and pick the one the topic you used for the initial report and SGPro will post your logs there.

For Licensing or Account Issues

If you have issues, concerns or questions about licensing or your account, please do not use the forum.  We'll likely need to pass potentially sensitive information back and forth and, for your privacy and protection, we'll do that with email.

Send us an email as

  • Provide account information so we can help to identify you, make verifications or try and track your issue via logs.
  • Provide fairly thorough description of the problem and, with as much detail as possible, what things were happening just before the problem was observed