All ASCOM devices can output this type of logging.  The driver's author may emit additional logging that may provide more insight, but that is beyond the scope of this help doc. Sometimes issues in are caused by communication issues between SGPro and a specific piece of equipment. If you are experiencing a difficult to trace issue this process will very likely help us find the root of the issue pretty quickly.  Please keep in mind that many equipment issues are shown to be outside the bounds of what SGPro can influence (e.g. a Camera driver, etc).  In these cases, you will need to forward these trace logs, along with supplemental information we can provide to help point the driver's author toward the source of the problem without a lot of back and forth conversation. While they may want or need additional information, these logs will provide insight into almost any issue dealing with ASCOM gear.  It may not show the actual issue, but it may provide a series of steps leading to the issue or show that the driver has a concurrency issue, etc.  Here is how you can get those logs:

Open the ASCOM Diagnostics app (just hit the Windows key and type "ASCOM")

There are LOTS of different trace types and a manufacturer may ask you to enable others depending on the type and architecture of the gear.  Initially, the one we are interested in is called "DriverAccess Trace".  You can think of this category as all of the instructions passed from SGPro to the equipment's driver.

Note the log location for later.  When the trace log(s) are available, they can be found in the directory shown in the main window of the ASCOM Diagnostics app:

Click the "Exit" button

  • Now, with SGPro do what you need to do to recreate the issue
  • Then, using file explorer, navigate to the ASCOM Diagnostics log folder and locate the trace logs for the problematic equipment.  In most cases, the file you want will  be named as ASCOM.[EquipmentName].[time].txt.  For example, a Trace Log for the ASCOM Focuser Simulator might be named: ASCOM.FocusSimulator.1147.296380.txt

  • Using whatever method you prefer, make this file available to the manufacturer.
  • REMEMBER! Turn the Trace Logging back off! (Use steps above)