Description:   The General Options tab can be access by using the "Tools" menu and selecting "Options"

General Options:

  • Show tooltip help when hovering over controls: Specifies if tooltips should be shown when running Sequence Generator Pro.  These can provide quick help and information about what specific button/fields to but they do not augment this document.
  • Auto save the sequence: When checked the sequence will be saved every 30 seconds.  This is useful if something hangs or you make changes to your sequence and forget to save them.  For this to function you must create and save the sequence initially.
  • Load the sequence on start: When checked the last sequence you had open will open when SGPro starts up.
  • Show Beta releases when checking for updates: SGPro will perform a check once every week for updates.  If this is NOT checked, you will not be informed about new betas.
  • Prompt to import filter data: When SGPro connects to an ASCOM filter wheel and the current sequence has no filters defined, you will be prompted to import filter data from the driver.
  • Display this reminder message prior to commencing sequence: Allows you to enter a message that will be shown whenever the "Run Sequence" button is pressed.

Default File System Settings:

  • Profile Directory:  SGPro stores equipment profiles as *.sgp files and user profiles as *.sgu files.When you create new profiles they will be saved to this directory.  By the same token, if you navigate to this directory, you can copy, backup or transport all of your profiles (possibly to a new machine).
  • Default Directory:  Allows you to specify a default directory for saving images in.  Whenever you create a new sequence this directory will be set as the save directory.
  • Custom file name pattern:  Allows you to specify a default file naming pattern that will be used on all new sequences.  

Interface Elements

  • By default, new images will use this level for auto stretch.  The "high" setting uses the most aggressive stretch.  See image stretching for form information.
  • The method SGPro uses to detect stars in an image can be very CPU intensive for some machines.  If you capture very large images or have an older machine, it may be wise to set this to "Fast".  This setting ONLY affects how image history images are analyzed and does NOT affect how the auto focus routine detects stars.  Note that the fast detection method performs poorly on "donut" stars, but since this setting only affects image history, these images should normally be in focus.