Description: Frame and Focus can be run from the Focus tab in the Control Panel or the Focus Module.  It allows for images to be taken in quick succession when using a Bahtinov mask or other focusing aid (for manual focus). 

Above Focus Control Panel

Above Frame and Focus Module

To focus manually, connect your camera to Sequence Generator Pro:

  • Find a bright star.
  • Set your bin and Exposure settings to a reasonable value for the target you're focusing on (for broadband filters, typically 1 or 2 seconds is sufficient). 
  • Start a continuous capture loop by pressing "Start" on the Frame and Focus Module or on the Focus Control Panel (for EOS cameras you can also use Live View).
  • Move your focuser towards the focus position by turning the focus knob or by controller the stepper motor through the Focus Control Panel
  • Continue moving the focuser until you are in focus.

This procedure can be enhanced by setting up a Target and Focus Position in the telescope tab.