Description: Displays current information about the focuser as well as allowing control of the focuser.  

Note: Currently Sequence Generator only supports absolute positioning focusers.  


  • Current position: displays the current position, generally in steps, of the focuser.
  • Temperature: displays the current temperature of the focuser (if available).
  • Last Focus Temp: displays the temperature at which the last focus run occurred.  
  • Last Focus Time: displays the time at which the last focus run occurred.  
  • Baseline Metric: If using the Image History Degradation focus trigger, this field will show the current baseline metric against which future Light frames will be measured. See here for more information on this trigger.
  • Focus Control: Allows control of the focuser without going to the Control Panel.  See Focusers for more information.
  • Minimum Star Size:  Adjust the minimum diameter of a star (pixels).  More information about this in the section detailing Auto Focus.  Keep in mind that this is a per-target setting.
  • Run: Initializes an auto focus run.
  • Settings: Opens auto focus settings.

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