Description: Displays current information about the focuser as well as allowing control of the focuser.  

Note: Currently Sequence Generator only supports absolute positioning focusers.  


  • Current position: displays the current position, generally in steps, of the focuser.
  • Temperature: displays the current temperature of the focuser (if available).
  • Last Focus Temp: displays the temperature at which the last focus run occurred.  
  • Last Focus Time: displays the time at which the last focus run occurred.  
  • Focus Control: Allows control of the focuser without going to the Control Panel.  See Focusers for more information.
  • Minimum Star Size:  Adjust the minimum diameter of a star (pixels).  More information about this in the section detailing Auto Focus.  Keep in mind that this is a per-target setting.
  • Run: Initializes an auto focus run.
  • Settings: Opens auto focus settings.

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