Sequence Generator Pro has the ability to easily create a "flats" sequence using only your "lights" sequence as input.  Taking the time to collect information about how your equipment needs to capture flats can be a big time saver when capturing flats in the field.  The following is a step by step tutorial on using this tool:

  1. Make sure that your filter data is set up correctly and that each filter has valid flats data specified.  Click here for more information about how to create and use a filter set.
  2. Open a "lights" sequence (that uses filters).  This might already be open if you take flats after capturing your lights data.
  3. Go to the "Tools" menu and click "Flats Wizard".  You will be prompted with the dialog below.  The flats data will also use the  "Auto adjust focus per filter" option.  This means that the focuser, prior to capturing flats data, will move to the focus position defined for that filter.


  1. You will need to specify some options about how your flats will get created such as:
    1. Flat Event Options
    2. Pause Event Options
  2. Once you've selected the options from above click "OK" and the events will be added to your current target or to a new target depending on your selections.

This tool will, in the end, create a sequence that resembles the following ("Horsehead flats" was created from "Horsehead" using the option to "Add flat events to a new target"):

The data it used to populate "Exposure" and "Repeat" are pulled from the filter set data you defined.  All other fields are essentially a direct copy of those values found in the "lights" sequence.