Description: The Profile Manager is used to create, edit, delete and save profiles.  A profile contains a description of hardware and settings that will later be used to create sequences.  A sequence created with a profile will automatically populate it with all the hardware and settings that were saved.  The only reason Profiles exist is to create sequences with a set of equipment and options that are specific to your gear.  Profiles without sequences are useless, with the exception of the default profile, which technically creates a new sequence when Sequence Generator Pro is first loaded (and when you create a "New" sequence).

The Profile manager is divided into 2 main parts.  On the left is the Profile Selection area.  On the right is the equipment area.  Here the AT106LE+Narrowband is the active profile and any settings made on the equipment side will be saved to that profile when the save button is clicked.  

You might create a new profile if (two simple examples):

  • You have more than one imaging camera (like a CCD and a Canon)
  • You have a single camera, but different filter sets (like broadband and narrowband)

Creating a New Profile

  1. Using the provided tabs, select the options relevant to your setup.
  2. When complete type a new profile name into the textbox below "Select or name a profile".
  3. Click "Save"

Deleting a Profile

To delete a profile, simply highlight the profile and click the "Delete" button

File naming pattern

You can override the default file naming pattern for a particular profile by entering one here.  If you just want to use the default naming pattern as specified in the options dialog, you can leave this blank.

Each equipment tab (Camera, Filters, Focus...etc) in the Profile Manager is a near direct copy of the hardware options in the Control Panel.  For this reason please see the sections in the control panel for a more detailed explanation of how these settings are used.  

If you generally use the same equipment over and over again then you should select this profile and select to Use this profile as the default for new sequences.  Each time you open Sequence Generator Pro your default profile data will be loaded into the Sequencing and Control Panel Windows

Profile notes

If you'd like, you may add a set of notes to a profile... for instance if you have two very similar profiles and you can't quite remember when to use which, this might be very helpful.  If a profile ends with a asterisk (*) character, then that profile has a note you can view / edit by clicking the "Profile Note" button.  Similarly, adding a new note to an existing profile can be created using the same button.