SGPro supports input from several environment monitoring devices (you can only use one at a time).  The data collected from these devices is mostly used as direct input to the user (meaning that not much of the input will affect the way in which SGPro operates).  To select a device in a sequence, you will need to extend the device area in the sequencing window and locate the drop down box labeled "Environment".

Options can be set when the environment device is in a disconnected state by clicking the  icon.  These options will vary by manufacturer.  For ASCOM devices, this will bring up the ASCOM properties dialog for the selected environment device.

To connect the device click on the connection icon .  Once connected the icon will change , click this icon to disconnect.

Currently, SGPro only supports ASCOM 6.2 "Observing Conditions" compliant devices.  TEMPerHUM, an exception to this statement, is also found in this drop down menu, but is not officially supported in any capacity.

When you select and connect to a device, you will be able to see data it reports on in the "Environment Data" docking module.  You can click the "cloud" icon to view this docking window.  More information can be found here.

With respect to auto focus, SGPro supports "temperature based triggers" (meaning you can choose to auto focus if the temperature drops by 1 degree).  Many user simply use the temperature reported by their actual focus controller to control this trigger.  Others do not have a focus controller that reports on temperature or simply wish to use input from the environment device because placement of their focus controller might affect its ability to report correctly on temperature change (like if it's stored in a warm power box or something similar). 

In order to use the environment device's temperature to control auto focus triggers, you need to open the control panel, navigate to the "Focus" tab and then click the "Other" button.

Then is the dialog presented, ensure the proper checkbox is selected:

Of course, this can all be setup in you equipment profiles so you don't need to worry about it for your new sequences.

Lastly, if you use the notification system, the environment device will alert you when (a sequence must be running or no notification will be issued):

    • The temperature is within 4 degrees of freezing
    • Dew is about to start forming (the dew point is within 6 degrees of the dew point with a downward trend or if you are within 2 degrees of the dew point, regardless of trend)