The Environment Data module provides the user with a variety of information about the local environment.  Lots of different data types are supported, but it is doubtful any one device (as of the time of the writing) supports all of them.  To access this module, simply connect an "Environment Device", and then click on the "cloud" icon on the tool bar.

In this module, you have access to:

    • Temperature (C)
    • Humidity (%)
    • Dew Point (C)
    • Pressure (hPa)
    • Cloud Cover (%)
    • Seeing (FWHM)
    • Sky Quality (mag/"^2)
    • Sky Temperature (C)
    • Sky Brightness (lux)
    • Wind Speed (meters/sec)
    • Wind Gusts (meters/sec)
    • Wind Direction (compass degrees)
    • Rain Rate (mm/hr)

You will also have access to the period of time this data is averaged on the device before it is reported to SGPro.  This is identified as the "Average Period".  If the average period is 30 seconds, then all of the data presented is representative of the device's reading of that data over a 30 second period.

In addition to this data, given enough time, SGPro will also start to report on trends for available metrics.  A trend is identified simply by an "up arrow", "down arrow" or "right arrow".  Respectively, this means that SGPro believes this metric is increasing, decreasing or stabilized.  The longer SGPro is able to collect this data, the more accurate the trend prediction will be.