Description:  Center Here is somewhat of a very advanced "Nudge".  It allows you to click anywhere on a captured image and center the scope at the location the mouse was clicked. 

To use Center Here you will need the following connected and setup within Sequence Generator Pro:

Center Here is available on any image that Sequence Generator Pro captures (with the exception of Auto Focus images). 

Once the above equipment is connected and the plate solver is ready, capture a single image (for instance with, Frame and Focus).  

Right click on the image and choose "Center Here"

The following confirmation dialog will appear:

Click "Yes" to center the scope where you right clicked on the image.  

You will then see the following "Center Scope on Reference" Dialog:

This process is completely automated.  The following steps are performed:

  1. The reference data is loaded from your mouse click location.
  2. An image is taken and then plate solved.  The coordinates of this solve are then used to sync the telescope.
  3. The telescope is slewed to the reference frame
  4. Another image is taken and then plate solved.  The coordinates of this solve are used to compute the difference between the expected location and the actual location.  The amount of error in pixels and Degrees:Minutes:Seconds is then shown. 

You cannot "Run Again" when using "Center Here", instead close this dialog and rerun the "Center Here" procedure by right clicking and selecting "Center Here".

Depending on your imaging setup and scale, different values are more or less permissive for the error amount and it will take some trial and error to find what you feel is acceptable.  In general any error below 100 pixels is usually sufficient depending on focal length, target size and framing.  The error is calculated along the hypotenuse of the RA and DEC error (which is why the total error does not add up to the sum of the two errors).