Description: Allows setting and controlling the CCD cooler for cameras that are equipped with a TEC.  All values are in degrees Celsius.  For more information see the camera.

Note: If your camera has a cooler but it is not regulated then the only options available will be "On" and "Off".  If your camera does not have a cooler at all all these options will not be available. 


  • Temperature Display: Displays the following information: Current CCD Temperature / Current Set Temperature (Current Power Level of TEC)
  • Cooler: Allows for turning the cooler on and off. 
  • Set To X in Y: Allows setting the regulated temperature to X degrees Celsius.  The CCD will be cooled to that temperature in Y minutes.  If the time is set to 0 then the TEC will attempt to reach the set temperature in the shortest time span possible.  Cooling down and warming up over a larger window of time allows for less thermal shock on the CCD and can help to increase the life of your camera. 
  • Cool Down: Will start the camera cool down process as defined in the control panel
  • Warm Up: Will start the camera warm up process as defined in the control panel.   (Note: The camera is not able to warm above ambient so this value should be fairly representative of the ambient temperature).
  • Abort: Stops the current Cool Down or Warm Up process.