Start by choosing the primary ordering property from the list in the upper right of AutoFlats and then clicking the “Add” button. Repeat this process to add more ranked ordering properties to the AutoFlats run.  At any time, you can hover the mouse cursor over the “information icon” to the right and view the current ordering options. If you wish to clear the current ordering options (or restart), simply choose the “Manual (no sorting)” option at the top of the list.

Note: To add auto-ordering to the AutoFlats run, simply choose, in order of precedence, the properties that should be used for the ranked ordering. For each property chosen, be sure to click the “Add” button (the actual value displayed in the “Order by” dropdown control is of no consequence to the AutoFlats Run and, unless it is added to the ordering properties with the “Add” button, it will not be used).

Note: Moving a Flat Event manually (see above) will automatically clear any custom sorting you may have added previously.

Available ordering options:

Example tooltip showing current ordering options: