About Sequence Generator Pro

Our goal is to provide a best-in-class image capture suite for astrophotography. Over the years we have been frustrated by a distinct lack of key features that make life easier under stars. You have a lot of equipment and sometimes it is difficult to get it all working together. We have written software that is capable of executing complex sequences of capture events which will allow you to spend more time looking up and less time fighting with your rig.

We also feel strongly about providing software at down to earth prices. Let's face it, astrophotography is expensive!  You should be able to focus on the purchase of equipment without worrying about investing a fortune in software to control it. 

With Sequence Generator Pro you can:

  • Use and save complex sequencing events (lights, darks, bias flats, filter wheels , binning, etc)
  • Create and save equipment profiles to make generation of sequences fast and easy
  • Create complex sequences for multiple targets in the same sequence
  • Automatically move between targets
  • Automate running auto focus routines according to user defined triggers (keeps you in focus as ambient temperature drops)
  • Define sequence pause triggers for manual focus (time, intervals, etc)
  • Dither between frames with your choice of three auto guiders (PHD, Astroart and MetaGuide)
  • Center your ASCOM compliant telescope on any reference frame you can plate solve (even images from the Internet!)
  • Center on your own images… makes framing for meridian flips and multi-night imaging sessions a snap!
  • Center your ASCOM compliant telescope on any area of the image with a single click of a mouse!
  • Easily perform frame and focus routines (with support for subframes high speed cameras)
  • Feel at home with our highly customizable user interface (drag, dock and float small modules for almost any function)
  • Over a dozen configurable UI modules (PHD graphing, Image Pan and Zoom, TEC control and more)
  • User defined TEC cool down and warm up routines (to minimize thermal stress on your camera's sensitive components)
  • Between frame temperature compensation (and integrated trainer)
  • Easily create a “flats” sequences from your “lights” sequence
  • Automatically calibrate your flats exposure lengths per filter
  • Perform an automated meridian flip
  • Detailed documentation and instructional videos
  • Near immediate customer support via email or the Yahoo! group
  • Hundreds of other features!


When developing Sequence Generator Pro we adhered to a certain philosophy in order to keep a consistent "feel" and maximize usability.

  • During sequence execution you should be able to adjust almost all parameters in real time.
  • You should be able to create sequences "off-line".  That is to say, you should not need to connect gear in order to create sequences for later use.  This is sometimes difficult to execute...  For ASCOM based gear it is not possible to understand the capabilities of a piece of equipment until it is connected.  Because of this we will often populate certain values with "supersets" of data (for instance we populate binning with 1x1 to 4x4 when no camera is connected).  When your gear is connected we will check to see if your selected value is indeed supported.  If it's not, we will "snap" these values to the closest supported value.