For any image, you can quickly inspect the 9 (3x3) most important points at high levels of zoom with absolutely no scrolling. At the click of button, get a zoomed-in view of all four corners, all four edges and the center of the image. Quickly zoom in and out while retaining the anchor points of each grid cell. Visual inspection can be important when determining the quality of an image, but, if desired, you can get assistance from SGPro by enabling the Eccentricity Heatmap Overlay. This is a simple green, yellow, red transparency overlay that can quickly inform you if a particular region looks suspect. In addition to inspection of images you have on disk, you can use the 3x3 grid as the default “mode” for previewing new images during sequence capture. If enabled, all new images coming off the camera will be displayed immediately in the grid to allow for near immediate detailed inspection (and potentially marking the image as bad). The same is also true when using the image navigation buttons in the toolbar. This will allow you to very quickly traverse recent image history and, for each, inspect its image quality.

To use the inspection grid, for any image that is open in SGPro, click on the Inspection Grid button in the image toolbar:

This short video shows the basic concept using very easy to see anchor points and colors:

Here it is in action with a real astro-image: